DZ Audain

As a woman of many alias' how does your name reflect who you are as an artist.

 My work is produced based on how i feel, my thought process,and the environment around me. Therefore, I am not married to one specific style or technique. I would say the same goes for my name. It has changed a few times and there is no promise it will be the same in the future.

What is your current Alias' and what does it mean? both conceptually and literally.

My current Alias is 'Dz' (Dizzy). its the first two letters of my initials and also the letters of my first name and my mother's first name. My mom gave me the creative gene. Conceptually, the name is a reflection of the vibrations in my choice of color and how I see my painting during the process (I tend cross my eyes when I work). 

Its February, and we've declared it the month of Color, how do you use color to express an idea?

I use some colors to stress an idea or to make someone feel a certain way which can get a point across. When it comes to my personal projects however, the colors are picked at random and placed with no idea or conscious vision.

What about your color/race do you wish to portray in your art? If at all..

1. Serenity    meaning: serenity prayer    intent: this was the only thing i could see when looking at the blank canvas. it just felt right.

1. Serenity

   meaning: serenity prayer

   intent: this was the only thing i could see when looking at the blank canvas. it just felt right.

Black women are the most magical beings in the world! And that is exactly what I wish to portray in my art. The women in my collection are all women of color. Not to be biased or anything, but I am more identified with the power my melanin contains. 

What is your favorite color? If you have one...

My favorite color Blue.  

Whats your creative process? Do your ideas come first?

My creative process changes depending on where I am and what Im doing. Sometimes my ideas come first. Most of the time though I wouldnt have an idea. Id just paint until my heart is content. 

What is your number one thing you would suggest to an artist just starting out?

Dont lose your soul trying to please people. Do what you love and do it how you want. The ones who are genuine will support you and the opportunities will come with no end.

3. Smiling Mask: 

 Meaning: smile through any situation you may be going through. 

Intent: this piece was created at random. i had just finished a very detailed piece prior to this one. I had been stressing about the previous piece and when i finally finished it, the only thing i could do was smile so i painted the smiling mask right after. 

5. Mr. Guzman

    meaning: He's El Chapo. Need I say more?

    intent: this was just one of the greats i decided to work on.


7. My only purpose:

   Meaning: Make your only purpose to excel and be greater than you once were.

   ntent: while working on this piece, I was talking to a fellow artist and close friend about finding your purpose in a world where so many people are lost. I asked him, with a number of talents, how does one find their specific purpose. He said, "by making your only purpose to shine".
















2. Zamunda:

    meaning: See no evil hear no evil speak no evil

    intent: i painted this piece during a time of mental and spiritual warfare.

4. create:

    Meaning: Just create 

    intent: My favorite thing about painting is watching paint move. it creates something your hands cannot. 

6. Mr. Lucas

   meaning and intent: another legend

8. face:

    meaning: do not take everything at face value. 

    intent: this piece contains a ton of imperfections that i chose not to fix in order to allow my meaning to stand.

Posted on February 16, 2016 .