Her Directed by Spike Jonze 

This futuristic movie, set not to far from our present, is centerer around Theodore Twombly [Joaquin Phoenix] a writer, depressed and lonely, and in the midst of a divorce from his life long love. Phoenix, falls in love with his new artificially intelligent operating system, Samantha [Scarlett Johansson]. Im not sure anyone could have known what to expect from this romantic sci-fi movie,  original in so many ways and yet surprisingly familiar. 

It begins with a beautiful, shallow portrait of Joaquin as he delivers a touching monologue of love to a yet unknown subject. While the monologue is touching in all the right ways and the delivery seems heartfelt and endearing, you become aware that this declaration of love, isn't of passion but of purpose. Beautiful handwritten letters.com, is writer and director Spike Jonze’s hallmark of the future, and this is where Theodore works. The office space is the first glance of the beautiful set designs of the movie, boastful colors of green, orange, and red are the introduced in this opening scene, which reminds me of those happy breakup songs, at first you want to dance, then you listen to the words and realize, “wait this isn't something to be dancing about.” The colors serve as a stark contrast to the sadness of Theodore, who seems to have no joy to write of. To compliment the beautiful colors, and charming cinematography,  is the striking architecture and the general style of the film. Its always funny how futuristic often means digging into the past, for Jonze, the future looks a lot like the 1960’s, especially where mens fashion is concerned. 

The way Jonze attacks the storytelling is alluring, reminiscent of 500 Days of Summer. Anyone who's ever felt depressed, or lonely, or sad, can put them self in the place of Theodore. There's a chance you'll walk away from this movie thinking, "I wish my Siri was like that". You have to wonder if that was the goal of the director, to put you in touch with that whole in your heart, that's always searching for someone. The overall effect may have had a lot to do with Scarlett Johansson, I mean, who could stand to not fall in love, with her voice in your ear? Who better to rediscover the world with? Discovery was a heavy theme of the film, discovery for Samantha who was experiencing everything for the first time, and rediscovery for Theodore, who had to find how best to love someone else. Chris Pratt was a delightful Segway from the Love affair, just a moment of Pratt was well worth the time we spent with him. Amy Adams, was precious and delightful as always, in the roll of Theodore’s confidant. 

I do have to warn you, the is not for the staunch of mind. It even crossed some of my boundaries, I will admit, but I was too intrigued to let my journey end. I had to see what would become of these two lovers, the struggle of human heartbreak is enticing, and the film does a beautiful job of catching the anxieties of life and relationships. Yes, there are some obvious, over enunciated parallels, of the worlds clear and growing dependence on electronics, possibly even to a fault. At times the cinematography is so gripping it might convince you of the beauty of the relationship, beyond what is believable, but thats the game of film. The movie overall was pretty amazing, beautiful crafted, and well written.