Reasons To Sponsor Fox Fest 2017


Growing Fox Brand

Since 2012, The Fox & Monocle has been building its presence and brand in Huntsville, AL through art shows & events. Adding new artists and members in each leg, The Fox has grown its audience and reach to include Atlanta and New York. 

For more examples of our work and our reach, check out our NY AfroPunk events and our Atlanta sets. 

Wider Audience

The inaugural Fox Fest features several new artists, each bringing their own unique fanbase and demographics. The most notable artist is Mick Jenkins, rising hip hop star from Chicago, IL. Mick brings along a large fanbase, reaching more than 2 million views on his last video. 

Fox Fest will specifically take place during Oakwood University Alumni Weekend. Alumni Weekend is known for the large influx of patrons and potential consumers. 

Future Incentive

Based on the successes of this year, The Fox & Monocle has plans to expand our brand further in the cities of Atlanta and New York, while also growing our presence and reach in The Huntsville Area. 

In addition to our physical expansion, we plan to increase our online audience through original and targeted content. Based on our growing network of artists and curators, our content options are unlimited.