I knew by the age of 8 that I was meant for great things. Life, however, has the habit of teaching us that an artist isn't destined for much more than poverty, especially a young pigment challenge Hoosier. I quickly learned that lesson and shamed the more grandiose ideas I held for my future. Instead I shackled my thoughts to more plausible ideas of success: firefighter, surgeon, lawyer, psychologist… Not to suggest that those fields are anything less than great, but I now believe that there is a greatness that flows from us all, if we would but search for that which was divinely imparted to each of us. 

If your lucky, you’ve known what it is you want to do from an early age in life. However, for what I would say is a large majority of our society, you learned to swim by being thrown into the deep end, fending for yourself and your own survival. The difference between the majority and the minority is the preparation and knowledge imparted prior to their introduction into the water, no matter how deep the water happens to be. It is no wonder then that so many people drown, even if they managed to survive the introduction, many people get lost along the way, they can’t stay a float, and don't know how to tread water. 


It is of course by design that we find ourselves twisting and turning, trying to find the way up, searching for a breath of fresh air. It is by design that we feel helpless. We are most susceptible in our helplessness, to the darkness of this world. Fear of failure is a tool of your destruction. Success can only come when you step out in front of all the things that attempt to separate you from all that you are meant to be. 

Ingredients for Greatness:

Know yourself

Know what it is you want

Don’t allow fear to cloud possibility

Don’t allow the opinions of others to dictate your decisions. 

Happy Dining 

Imani Marie


Posted on March 28, 2014 and filed under fullfilment, the food, greatness, Literature.