Summer Days

Today was officially my last day of my last summer vacation. Tomorrow I start the second and last year of my Master of Public Health program. Next summer, prayerfully, I will be working as a public health practitioner somewhere. And I’ll be really grateful for that opportunity. But today, I was just a little sad about that. This whole week, I’ve been sad thinking about today.

I want to do meaningful work. I want to accomplish great things. I want to live in my purpose every day. I just…I wanted summer to last a little bit longer. So I wasn’t particularly productive today. I’ll be productive tomorrow. I didn’t make a whole lot of preparations for the year ahead today. I’ll do that tomorrow. I didn’t put on my grown up clothes. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. Instead, I got in my car and drove down the street, around the corner, down the big hill on the narrow back road, to the park. And I stood in the sun. I watched the little boys suit up in their tiny gear and charge the field for their football game. I watched the community drive up, park their cars, and go sit out in the sun to watch their boys play. And it lifted my spirits. Today, I was just a kid enjoying summer vacation in my play clothes.

And now, it’s tomorrow. I should have been asleep already. A 10:00 class awaits me and I have no clue what I’m wearing. But it’s the last night of summer vacation. So I’ll figure it out in the morning. In the morning, God-willing, I’ll wake up and put on my business casual. I’ll grab my planner, my laptop, my water bottle, and I’ll start the last year of my formal education like the fake grown up I am. But tonight, I’m happy I stayed up past 12, like the big kid I am lol. Goodbye, summer.

Taina Casimir

Posted on October 24, 2014 .