Perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.

Perception is the ability of an individual to see the world in a unique way that can not be easily expressed. We've all experienced moments where we find ourselves incapable of articulation. It should be impossible to share the complexities of our consciousness with another person, to map out the depths of our minds and make our thoughts transparent to an audience of one or of many. However, there are those individuals who have been blessed with the ability to make their perception visible; the talent to express themselves through visual intrigue, giving us a glimpse into their world, a small piece of their reality. 

Artists. Painting with words, guiding every stroke with similes and metaphors, using colorful language to give each piece depth.  Employing a canvas of seventeen lines or a short 5-7-5, to portray the picture they wish to convey. Others use more visible mediums to capture the dark corners of their conscience spilling dramatic portraits onto wooden canvases that articulate thoughts into tangible works of art. 

Minjae Lee, a 22 year old South Korean native has found his voice in the self taught manipulation of "old fashioned tools". Using  markers, crayons pens &acrylics, to bring to life his women of ethereal beauty. These portraits strike deep into hearts with its profound displays of emotion. There is a somewhat disturbing "inner tension" that encompasses the overall feeling of Lee's work which seems to only draw one in more. His bright colors only seem to add to the looming sadness, that overwhelms each portrait. Lee's work has a look of technical perfection in his details. It is a great surprise to find that all his work is hand crafted. Every line was made when pen touched paper and that in itself is not a small thing. I suppose with  the challenge of painting what one sees there is a certain amount of patience necessary to complete such a task. His work inspires me to use  cliche  phrases to depict the genuine inspiration I have gotten from his work. I mean with work this beautiful who needs 1000 words? If my art looked that great i'd let it speak for me too. 

Posted on February 18, 2015 and filed under the food, greatness.